Finding A Better Pharmacy

Finding A Better Pharmacy

Medication Compounding Tips For Parents Of Allergy-Prone Children

Mandy Ross

If you have a child who has a wide variety of different food and drug allergies, then it may be extremely difficult to order a medication from your local pharmacy that you know is completely safe for your son or daughter. You may only have the option of choosing a generic or a brand name drug, and these medications may contain ingredients that can cause a serious allergic reaction. If you are concerned about this, then it is wise to work with a 503b compounding pharmacy to come up with the medicine you need. If you choose one of these businesses, then there are several things that you should ask the pharmacist to leave out of the medicine.

Coloring Agents

The FDA regulates the types of additives that are allowed to be placed in both foods and drugs. This includes the types of colors that can be mixed into them. These colors are usually added to make medications look more appealing. Otherwise, the medicines are likely to appear gray, brown, or off-white. This is likely to turn off customers. Both natural and synthetic colorings are approved by the FDA for use in drugs. While the dyes have been tested for safety, some people are allergic to them. This is usually the case when it comes to synthetic colors. Allergic reactions range from skin irritation to anaphylaxis. 

If your child has a variety of allergies, then it is best to provide them with medications that do not contain artificial coloring agents. Your compounding pharmacist can keep coloring agents completely out of the medicine. This is especially true since the professional will mix the medicine themselves, and there is no medical need for the dye. 

Filler Agents

Medications also contain a wide variety of fillers. Some of the fillers help to stabilize the medicine while others are added to expand or bulk up the medicine. Other materials are added to help with absorption, binding, preservation, lubrication, and coating of the medicine. While some of these additives help with the function of the drug, others are simply added to allow the drug to be mass-produced and stored more effectively. Filler ingredients are meant to be safe, just like coloring agents. However, some of them can cause an allergic reaction. Reducing as many ingredients from your child's medication as possible will help to reduce the chances of a reaction.

When the pharmacist makes the compound medication, make sure that fillers are reduced substantially. Lubricants, preservatives, moisture-proofing additives, and even flavorings are all extra ingredients that are not required. Keep in mind that flavorings and sweeteners do make medications taste better though. If you want the drug to be palatable, then make sure that the flavoring used is one that you know is safe for your child.


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