Finding A Better Pharmacy

Finding A Better Pharmacy

Ready To Stop Smoking? A Trip To The Pharmacy Will Help

Mandy Ross

After you've smoked for a prolonged period of time, it's a big decision to choose to quit. This time in your life can be daunting, especially if you've had a previous attempt to quit that didn't go so well. There are several different ways that you can approach quitting smoking, but don't overlook the simplicity and effectiveness of paying a visit to your local pharmacy. Pharmacies aren't just places at which you pick up prescriptions. They're also valuable places to start when you're determined to improve your health, and that can include making a choice to quit smoking. Here are some ways that this visit can help you.

Nicotine Replacement Products

One of the ways that your local pharmacy can help you to quit smoking is to supply you with different nicotine replacement products. Cutting the cravings for a cigarette can be a challenge when you're a long-time smoker, but the pharmacy will carry a variety of alternatives that can wean you off nicotine — without exposing you to the multitude of unhealthy ingredients that are in cigarettes. Nicotine gum is a common replacement product, as is the nicotine patch. Both products introduce a trace amount of nicotine to your body to help deal with your body's cravings.

Smoking Cessation Programs

Many pharmacies have programs that can benefit the community, and a visit to your local pharmacy will allow you to check out what programs are being offered. Smoking cession programs are common; if you don't see a poster or a sign-up for on display around the pharmacy counter, you should ask the pharmacist if such a program is currently being offered. Such programs use a variety of techniques to help people, and one benefit of being in this environment is that you'll feel support from other people who are going through the same battle.

Support And Advice

It's important to remember that your pharmacist is a healthcare professional who likely exhibits understanding and empathy when dealing with patients and their various health issues. When you speak to your pharmacist about your desire to quit smoking, he or she can offer some suggestions on a variety of techniques that can work, as well as just empathize with you as you go through this challenging time. Having the understanding ear of the pharmacist may help you to feel as though you can indeed win this fight and kick smoking to the curb for good.


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