Finding A Better Pharmacy

Finding A Better Pharmacy

3 Safety Features To Add To The Home To Welcome Your Aging Parents

Mandy Ross

Watching as your parents age can be hard — inviting your aging parent to move into your home — that can complicate things, but make it a little easier for you. When your aging parent lives on their own, you'll constantly worry about how they're doing — wondering if they've fallen and can't get up or if they're taking their medications as prescribed. Here, you'll find a short list of things to consider adding to your home to ensure the safety and comfort of your aging parent after they've moved into your home. 

Home Stair Lift

If you have a multi-level home and aren't able to provide everything that your parent may need on the first floor, a stair lift should be considered. As your parent ages, the strength in their legs and hips decreases, their balance may not be what it once was and the chances of falling down the stairs grows tremendously. Adding a home stair lift will reduce the chances of stairway injuries for your parent.

If you're worried about how the system might look in your home, take some time to look into the options available for home use. You'll see that they aren't the big, bulky systems that they once were. Honestly, they take up less space than you might think — the increased safety is well worth the sacrifice of appearance that you might have to make.

Emergency Alert System

You probably won't be spending every second of your day looking over your parent. Consider investing in an emergency alert system for them. These systems can be connected to your home's security system, the phone or internet connection, or maintained within the home.

A bracelet or necklace with a button is worn — if your parent was to fall or need help in any way, all they have to do is press the button and help will be on the way.

Anti-Slip Shower Flooring

Showering can be just as dangerous as climbing the stairs. Install shower flooring that is non-slip — this can be a shower mat that just suctions to the shower floor, stickers that adhere or a spray-on permanent finish that creates a texture that's non-slip. Add a grab bar and shower seat for added safety.

Moving your aging parent into your home can make some elements of life easier, but it can be challenging. Talk it over with your parent, as well as the others that share your home. Planning and knowing what to expect will help your entire family get through this transition with ease.


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