Finding A Better Pharmacy

Finding A Better Pharmacy

3 Situations Where You Should Use A Compounding Pharmacy

Mandy Ross

In this day and age, most people are used to picking up their prescriptions in pharmacies that are located inside big box stores, grocery stores, and drug stores. These pharmacies typically do a good job of ensuring that customers get the medications that they need, but a traditional pharmacy is not always the best option in every situation. Compounding pharmacies work differently than the regular pharmacies that people are used to, but they can be very helpful in a number of situations. Some of the top reasons you may need to use a compounding pharmacy when you need a prescription filled include the following.

A Medication Has Been Discontinued

Standard pharmacies typically stock a wide variety of medications. However, if there is not a high demand for a specific medication, a standard pharmacy may not carry it, and in many cases, a pharmaceutical company may discontinue the medication entirely. Learning that a medication that you need has been discontinued can be quite alarming. Luckily, compounding pharmacies are able to formulate medications that are no longer available because they have been discontinued. If you're having difficulty finding a medication because it has been discontinued and is not being offered by standard pharmacies, contact a compounding pharmacy in your area. 

You Have Allergies to an Ingredient

Prescription medications often have preservatives and dyes that are tolerated by most people, but not everyone. If you know that you have a sensitivity or allergy to an ingredient in a medication, you should not fill your prescription at a standard pharmacy. One of the good things about a compounding pharmacy is the fact that their experienced pharmacists can formulate medications without ingredients that you may be allergic to. This ensures that you can take the medicine that you need without having to worry about an allergic reaction.

Medication Is Needed for a Pediatric Patient

Children often need prescription medication, but finding the right dosage for a child's specific weight can be difficult — not to mention the fact that pills can be hard to administer to a child, and some liquid medications have a bad taste, which makes it difficult to get a child to take his or her medicine. If your child needs a specific medication, a compounding pharmacy can help. The pharmacist can formulate the medication to ensure that the dosage is precise according to the size of your child. In addition, a pharmacist at a compounding pharmacy can add flavoring to a medication to make it easier for a child to take. 


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